Bat Coffee

Bat Coffee

Bats eat red fruit coffee, but ingested only its fruit pulp. Coffee beans are regurgitated back so it can not be fermented in the stomach. To teach or force to ingest coffee beans is very difficult. Bat coffee is coffee with a flavor that is similar to civet coffee, but more sour and more sweet is produced through fermentation with probiotic microbes from the bat digestive tract.
Easily to be produced with a lower cost, while the use of live bats very difficult.
Production is easily to be programmed, as its need.
Has a distinctive flavor and aroma.
Compared to civet coffee, it has a little more sour, sweeter, with a soft bitter taste.
Environmentally friendly (does not require cultivation of bat).
Useful to control blood sugar and cholesterol.
Potential Aplications are can be applied on a large  scale for the type of arabica and robusta coffee and produced with varies of flavor, according to the type of bat.
Organic Acid Content of Civet Coffee and Bat Coffee
No. Kind of organic acid RegularCoffee Civet Coffee Bat Coffee
1. Butyric acid (mg/100gs) 51,49 12,35
2. Acetic acyd (mg/100 gs) 29,12
3. Oxalyc acid (mg/100gs) 360,54 238,41 5,11


1.Butyric acid

– To press stress

– To prevent gastrointestinal cancer

– To prevent gastrointestinal fever

2.   Acetic acid

– To control blood sugar and cholesterol

3.   Oxalyc acid

– In a higher number has a toxicity and forms kidney stone (kidney ill)


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