Probiotic Luwak Coffee

Probiotic Luwak Coffee

Probiotic Luwak coffee in an exhibition

Probiotic Luwak Coffee in an exhibition

Coffee is an important beverage ingredients and attracted many people around the world. Indonesia is the 4th coffee producer in the world with an area of ​​3.1 million ha are plantations. Of the area, there is a 85% kind 15% robusta coffee and arabica coffee. To improve the competitiveness of Indonesian coffee in the world market, in addition to increasing acreage of coffee, also needs to be done to improve the quality of coffee, by producing organic coffee and specialty coffee, such as civet coffee.

Luwak coffee is a product that is produced from animal faeces civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodirus), after the animal was eating ripe coffee fruit. Luwak coffee has a specific taste and special, because the fruit is ripe fruit that is consumed actually selected by the sharp scent of smell, as well as through the process of fermentation in the digestive tract before the animal civet issued in the form of seeds.

We choose the ripe coffee fruit and liked civet

Probiotic Luwak Coffee offers a taste of civet coffee is similar to that resulting from civet faeces. The difference, this coffee is produced through fermentation with probiotic microbes found in the digestive tract civet animal.  Probiotic luwak coffee has a clear advantage that production costs are cheaper than the use of live animal civet. In addition, easily manufactured in accordance with the requirements taste varies according to the type and kind of civet coffee (arabica or robusta). Taste come near to even equal to natural civet coffee. Pulp coffee usually “dumped”, can be processed with fermentation process to be utilized as a drink ingredient. Coffee is also environmentally friendly because the coffee is not produced from the civet maintained (captive). For some people who feel “disgusted” because Luwak coffee is produced from the faeces, this coffee could be a solution.

From laboratory analysis ever conducted, the process of fermentation with probiotic microbes civet, both within and outside the abdomen stomach civet will happen formation of some organic acids are very beneficial for the body. Among the organic acids are formed butyric acid and lactic acid. Butyric acid has several benefits for our bodies, among others, can suppress stress, prevent colon cancer, and suppress inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. While very beneficial lactic acid helps the digestive processes.

In the application of probiotics Luwak coffee production technology can be applied on a large scale both on the type of arabica and robusta coffee. Thus, this technology can involve a variety of stakeholders, including farmers as providers of quality material, private sector/cooperatives as processors, and entrepreneurs in the field of marketing.


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